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9 Life Energies

9 Life Energies- Which One Is YOUR Superpower?

Saturday, April 27th 11am-2:00pm
Learn YOUR life energy – Through facial features, body shape, movements and talents, we reveal which of these life energies is most prominent in our lives.
Fun, energizing and grounding – In this transformative journey with Paul Scoglio and his team, you will be immersed in a transformative and empowering experience that will change your perspective, enliven your body and awaken your life energy.
The 9 life energies are a fascinating dimension of human existence, which is evident in our movement, physical appearance, and our innate talents. No matter where we come from in the world, we carry all these energies within us, each with its unique character and power…and one of these 9 life energies is your superpower (your primary life energy).
Dress comfortably, bring water and a light snack that will help you through the day. There will be short breaks – every moment is precious. If you need an extra break, leave as soon as possible and be back even sooner so you don’t miss any of the valuable fellowship and guidance shared this day.
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Please email Paul Scoglio (pjscoglio@gmail.com) with one of the following:
– a link to your Facebook or Instagram profile; OR
– a short 1-minute video of you dancing to music you love
Viewing pictures/video of you beforehand will help improve accuracy in identifying your life energy and will save time during the workshop.

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About the Teacher:

Warren Gibbons

 I help young adults navigate the world of work and adulting so that they get hired and promoted in work they actually love. My jam is helping you live an authentic and fulfilled life – a life you actually want. A big part of the work we do is in the realm of “Know Thyself” (A.K.A self-awareness), and we use group mentoring, consistent practice and accountability to do it. We help each other uncover how we show up in the world and where we are getting in our way, our patterns of unworkability, strengths/gifts and how to transform and/or embrace them. Results that young adults who work with me often experience:
  • feeling seen/heard/loved
  • getting hired & promoted – becoming the person others are psyched to work with (“Oh man! Ralph is gonna be on this project?!! This is going to be a great project/team!”)
  • improved self esteem and resiliency
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased confidence and taking initiative in going after the work & life they actually want
  • peace and personal responsibility/agency around your origins/trauma/childhood (i.e. what we’ve been thru; how it has shaped us)

 Paul Scoglio 

  • There is not just one human nature. There are nine human natures. This understanding has changed everything for me. It opened up my sense of spirituality, wonder and joy for living and being with people.
  • We are all capable of being full of energy, spirit, grace and life, and can know that fullness on a physical level. It is a matter of allowing our life energy to be expressed physically.  9 Lifeenergies guides people to discover this path. It is a path that facilitates inner knowing, inner calm and an expanding capacity for clear compassionate connection and responsiveness with self and others.
  • The part that is magic for me is the experience, specifically the experiential awareness of the nine different human perspectives that constitutes the diversity of human experience. The magic is in seeing and feeling the differences in my body.
  • I’ve learned in my professions as a psychotherapist and executive coach, that human experience consists of distinct and widely diverse personal perspectives. I have understood this for a long time intellectually and empathically. My experiences with 9 Life Energies continues to expand my knowledge by providing me with bodily experiences of the fundamental differences inherent in human diversity. 
  • In 2002 I was introduced to this knowledge while participating in a leadership development program. In 2003 I began a life long journey that has included thirteen years with mentors and other students as part of a research and development team in San Anselmo CA, exploring ways to advance the knowledge and understanding of the nine energies. Then in 2017, I affiliated with 9 Energies, Inc. and Body of 9 in Navato CA and Bozeman MT, and 9 Lifeenergies in Oslo Norway. I continue to be enthusiastic about guiding others into the experience of discovering their life energy, and look forward to the “discovery” event in Mattapoisett MA in April 2024.