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Intro Ayurveda

Intro to Ayurveda l 4 weeks

Facilitated by Lauren Massalas

1st Intro: Feb 4th I 10:30 am -12 pm Past. You can still attend the 3 weeks.

2nd: Vata: Feb 25th I 10:30 am-12:00 pm

3rd: Kapha: March 25th I 10:30 am-12:00 pm

4th: Pitta: April 29th I 10:30 am-12:00 pm

COST: Members $90 I  Non-Members $110 (3-week reduced cost.)

An introduction to Ayurveda, the holistic medical system of ancient India. You will learn: how nature can influence and guide your health; the three doshas that make up our constitution; imbalances and how to correct them; seasonal foods and spices; and take a dosha quiz to learn more about your mind/body complex. Ayurvedic tea will be provided. Wear comfortable clothes as we start and end class with a simple movement practice and meditation.

I hope students take away with them a basic understanding of Ayurveda, and its benefits, can define the main functions of Vata, pitta, and Kapha, and begin to understand how to eat and live in a way that supports a seasonal rhythm and balance.

As an Ayurvedic teacher, I live this lifestyle by approaching the seasons with balance. For example, in winter, which is usually cold and dry, I make sure that my food is hot, oily, and hydrating, so soups and stews spiced with turmeric and topped with ghee are a staple. Always sipping tea. My family eats this way too. Movement is gentle. Like nature, it’s a time for hibernation, so I keep my schedule simple.

  1. Introduction to Ayurveda: the basics
    1. Topics: What is Ayurveda, how does it work as a holistic medical system, what are the three doshas and their functions, briefly describe digestion (“Agni”), toxins (“ama”), and immune health (“ojas”)
    2. I will begin with 15 minutes of movement and finish with 10 minutes of restorative pose/meditation.
    3. We will provide tea and handout.
  1. Introduction to Ayurveda Part 2: Vata Management (a deeper dive into the “King of Doshas” and how to find balance)
  1. Topics: qualities of Vata, and how to balance with food and daily routine, including movement
  2. Will begin with 10-15 minutes of movement and finish with 5-10 min restorative pose/meditation
  3. We will provide tea and handout
  1. Introduction to Ayurveda Part 3: A Smooth Transition into Kapha Season (feel light and energized instead of stuck)
    1. Topics: qualities of Kapha and how to balance; how to master a smooth transition from Vata season (winter) into Kapha season (spring) and some tips for dealing with colds and seasonal allergies
    2. Will begin with 10-15 min movement and finish with 5-10 min energizing breathwork
    3. We will provide tea and handout
  1. Introduction to Ayurveda Part 4: Pitta Management (how to keep your cool)
    1. Topics: pitta and its qualities and how to balance; how to preserve your energy when it gets sweltering out, including foods and daily routine in summer.
    2. Will begin with 10-15 minutes of movement and finish with 5-10 min cooling practice
    3. We will provide tea and handout

About the Facilitator:

Lauren is an Ayurvedic health counselor, yoga teacher, and former RN who worked in the ICU for a decade on both coasts. While working as a nurse, she found that yoga helped alleviate the stress of the job; she pursued her new passion by completing yoga training at The New School of Yogic Arts in Brookline. Her favorite part of the training was a lecture on Ayurveda, which inspired her to complete a 650-hour training on Ayurveda at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires. There, she met Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji, a world-renowned guru, and Jessica Richmond, LMHC, whose lecture on Vedic psychology made a lasting impression. Lauren has been learning from Jessica and Babaji for years and completed their Vedic Psychology teacher training through the Vedic Psychology Institute in 2022. Initially from Mattapoisett, she recently returned with her husband and son. She is fascinated by Eastern traditions, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, feng shui, and martial arts, and enjoys applying healthy Ayurvedic tweaks to fun food like mac and cheese.