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Navigating Change With Clarity

Embark on a transformative 9D Breathwork Journey, a fusion of conscious connected breathing, 9D sound, energy work, and powerful visualization, meticulously designed to guide you in creating change with ease and grace.
This intuitive expedition is tailored to nurture creativity, empowerment, and resilience throughout your transformation journey. The path to liberation and self-awareness invites a compassionate dialogue with both your past and present, offering a sacred space to rewrite any disempowering narratives.
Embrace life with a revitalized self-image and profound, authentic self-love as you traverse this journey of inner exploration and growth. Walk away from this experience with clarity on what is yours to carry, and to lovingly, compassionately release.

About the Teacher:

Nicole Gotthold

Nicole is a mother, daughter, friend, surviving military spouse, former corporate marketing strategist, and small business owner. Her soul fuels a busy, creative mind, a heart driven by inspired growth & healing, and a body that is now appreciated for its potential. In 2020, she experienced profound loss that led to a personal transformation. Her journey began like many, struggling to maintain progress triggered by trauma and limiting beliefs. She looked inward and found inspiration and empowerment in the communities that support her. Her vision is to create experiences where you can let go of what’s no longer serving you and connect with your inner truth- your heart compass. She envisions a time and place where everyone can create freely, embody confidently, and express unapologetically. June 2020 November 2023 Nicole Gotthold Transformation & Empowerment Coach Somatic Breathwork Facilitator Energy Practitioner CERTIFIED • EME INTEGRATION LEVEL 1 PRACTITIONER GEO LOVE|EALING