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Date: Sunday, July 9th
Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Cost: $50 pp
Early Bird by July 2nd – $45

About this workshop:

Permission to Pause is an experience that incorporates gentle movement, breathing, meditation, reflection, journaling, and discussion. It’s a time to step off the hamster wheel and into a relaxing, warm atmosphere, which will help you to recenter and connect with others in a safe environment. Nancy is a facilitator and certified coach who has developed these workshops, which teach a powerful tool that you can use to incorporate intentional pauses into your day and your life. You’ll leave feeling calm, rejuvenated, and hopeful, with the ability to create peace in your busy day; and to harness your power to make the experience of life that you want.

About the Teacher

Nancy Sawyer

Nancy Sawyer is a speaker, facilitator, and a “Jay Shetty” – Certified Life and Transformation Coach. Her Permission to Pause Workshops create a space for busy people to slow down, relax and reflect. She teaches her PAUSE framework, which offers a tool to re-center during stressful times and to guide during times of challenge. The workshops also provide an opportunity to connect with others while also reconnecting with self.

Nancy brings 25 years of entrepreneurial and mentorship experience and spiritual nature to her work. She has been a featured speaker at Jay Shetty’s Coachpreneur conference, and the College of the Holy Cross Women in Business Conference; and is a featured coach as part of Life Coach University’s Let’s Coach 2023 initiative. Nancy offers private coaching and is the founder and facilitator of The Compass Club, which meets weekly on Zoom and focuses on women supporting women in growth. Nancy resides in Falmouth, MA, and is a Mom of two teens. In addition to helping women in midlife, she enjoys live music, running, teaching Cardio Sports, and spending time in nature. Learn more at www.nancybsawyer.com