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Pop up IV hydration

Pop up IV hydration

Where: The Studio
Date: Saturday, June 10th
Time: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
Cost: Myers Cocktail $150 I MWC Infusion $170

MWC Discounted Vitamin add-on & IM Vitamin Shot Specials will be available.

Join UnionSt Hydration at Mattapoisett Wellness Center for exclusive IV Hydration Therapies. On June 10th, MWC will host a pop-up event to offer IV Hydration Therapies to our Fellow Health Seekers. Amanda Reis, RN, and Laura C. Lima, MSN, NP-BC will administrate all drips.

Choose from Myer’s Cocktail and MWC Signature IV Hydration.
Giveaways on massage therapy and hydration treatment.
Give yourself and your friends the health benefits of IV therapy.
Can’t decide which IV is best to fit your needs? Register here and pay later.

Find out more about IV hydration by going onto www.unionsthydration.com

Choose from two hydrations, Where you can customize your treatment with additional add-on vitamins.

Myer’s Cocktail $150
The famous Myers Cocktail boosts the body’s natural immune system and enhances overall wellness. Several vitamins and minerals make up this IV that helps with a range of conditions like headaches, allergies, anxiety, colds, flu, and more.

MWC infusion $170
Rehydrate with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals while delivering essential amino acids directly into the bloodstream. The MWC cocktail infusion promotes muscle repair after workouts, reduces fatigue from training, reduces muscle soreness, and improves performance and stamina. This infusion contains B vitamins, including B12, magnesium, essential minerals, and amino acids.