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Soul Immersion

Soul Immersion with Jackie Duffey

Consider this – You are a Soul Being traveling through this lifetime, experiencing what it is to be human through every challenge, change, loss, endeavor, abundance, and celebration.

The universe is constantly trying to get our attention, to guide, connect, and empower us. As is our higher self, our main guide through lifetimes, our soul.

All are welcome to join Psychic Medium and Energy Medicine Practitioner Jackie Duffey on a journey to discover the unlimitedness light being that you are. Immerse, ignite and explore the insight, wisdom, and potential you already hold within. Awaken to the Divine nature of who you truly are and your soul purpose in life in this experimental and enlightening exploration of the soul aspect of ourselves.

During this workshop, you will endeavor to encounter the power of your own soul’s potential and expression and get to know yourself a little better by listening to what your soul wishes to reveal to you.

Jackie will teach you about just some of the ways our own unique Soul energy speaks to us in our daily lives, through the intuitive nudges we receive and how our unique soul power in traveling on the highest path forward. Jackie will guide you through this series with some fun and intriguing exercises, where you will explore in a practical way, aspects of your intuition and psychic capability. Some of the areas we will be exploring are:

• Energy and Color
• Meditation and Visualization
• Sitting in the Power of your Soul.
• Mantra and Intention
• Past Lives and alternate universes.
• Channeling your Soul potential through Inspired Writing and Art
• Intuitive insight using Oracle cards as a tool.

Surrender and let go of what no longer serves your human and take a moment to pause, go inward, and get to know yourself a little better.

About the Teacher:

Jackie Duffey

Ordained, Certified Psychic and Evidential Medium, Trance Medium, Soul Worker, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist ( ARCB)

For more than a decade, Jackie Duffey has dedicated herself to helping others reach their personal goals of healing and wellness. Believing that working from the heart with a holistic approach, brings about the highest quality of care. Jackie is the owner of The Holistic Swan, a spiritual wellness center in West Falmouth, Cape Cod and is a full-time Psychic Medium, Trance Medium and Board Certified Reflexologist, Master Reiki Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner with many years of education and experience. From a very early age back in her native England, Jackie had always had an awareness of and been very sensitive to the “unseen”world around her. Throughout her teens her connection with Spirit and interest in mediumship grew, often leading her to sneak books out of the local library by celebrated UK medium Doris Stokes and hide them underneath her school study recommendations, so her Mum wouldn’t see! It wasn’t until many years later that Jackie began to understand through her years of working as a reflexologist and energy healer, that the special gift of enabling spirit connections was becoming stronger and in turn it reopened the doors of her curiosity into the practices of mediumship and how connecting with Spirit could ultimately helps others. Over the past few years she has attended many workshops and courses in mediumship and spiritual practices and is so grateful to have been taught by some of the world’s most respected mediums, as well as completing a wonderful 3 year program in Healing and Mediumship with The First Spiritualist Church of Onset.Her connection with Spirit is joyfully heart based and her intent for all of her work as a medium is always that of the highest good so as to help guide and inspire others. Jackie loves being part of the Falmouth, Cape Cod community where she resides with her family, and where the surrounds of nature’s beauty reflects her mission, which is to bring light and peace to others as they journey toward physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Jackie believes that if she can help just one person each day, she too will one day be a happy spirit!