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The Psychic Seer

The Psychic Seer

Attune and Embrace your Psychic Self.
Discover the Psychic and Intuitive Seer within you. Join Jackie Duffey Psychic Medium and owner of The Holistic Swan, Cape Cod, for an enlightening and insightful workshop that delves deeper into the psychic aspect of yourself.
Do you already have an interest in the mediumistic arts and developing your psychic abilities? Then this workshop may be what you are seeking!

During this explorative workshop, you will be guided to discover and embrace your own psychic and intuitive soul power through some fun and informative discussion and group exercises
which include:

• The Importance of Self Care.
• Meditation & Sitting in the Power
• Energy, Color and Auras
• Introduction to the “Senses.”
• Psychometry
• How to develop an intuitive reading through a psychic connection.
• A psychic reading exercise.

This workshop is open to everyone with an interest in opening their mind. Be that to develop your own psychic abilities for readings or to assist you in making the best decisions for your higher self in your day-to-day life.