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Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop

Have you been curious about how to reach your full potential? Are you interested in learning how to design a life on your own terms? Have you been curious about vision boards? What if you had a guide to streamline this process? I’ve been creating vision/manifestation boards for over a decade and look at mine everyday. It has fascinated me how being clear on my goals has propelled me forward in such a short amount of time. The unique framework of this class will allow you to become clear on the future you really want to create and begin taking actionable steps to step into the best version of yourself. The perfect time to craft your dream is now!

Materials: Please start collecting any old magazines to bring to the workshop! These are for inspiration and to create your board. We will provide the poster board, tape, glue, and pens. Please also bring scissors!





About the Teacher:

Manon Baze

Manon is a certified life coach of 15+ years and a trainer for Tony Robbins. She also has two degrees in medicine and is a passionate, life-long yogi. She’s always been passionate about helping others identify and achieve their dreams and her playful style comes through in all of her teachings.