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Yoga Nidra for Self Care

Self Care Challenge –  Day 7

New Year’s Intentions 


Have you toyed with a new year’s resolution for yourself? “I want more of this or “I will stop doing that”? Maybe you shudder at the thought of the inevitable shame spiral of not meeting your goal and resolve only to not have a resolution! In the spirit of self-care, consider a new year’s INTENTION to invite what you want into your life.

If what you get is central in a goal, you are central in an intention. Goals are obviously quite useful! After all, the bills need to be paid, the work deadline is finite, and dinner has to land on the table to feed the family. The yogic tool of intention addresses the way in which we travel toward our goals and live our lives.

I take care of my own needs as well as others.

I trust my path.

I nurture my body and mind. 


An intention serves as a mission statement for your life. It is both the seed you plant now for what you want later, and the compass that points you in the direction you choose to go. Whenever you are moving in the direction of the “true north” of your intention, you’re on that path – without end destination and without pass/fail rules.

It is clear, concise, phrased in the positive and in the present (because all we truly have to work with is NOW.)

Which feels more empowering?

I won’t beat myself up so much – or – I do what I can and then let go


There is a simple thinking and writing process to hone in on an intention that serves you, right now. Consider these questions:

  1. What in my life is not working for me or causing me stress?
  1. What is my way of being in this situation?
  1. How would I like to be and feel in this situation instead?
  1. Notice what words emerge that resonate and build your intention from there. Remember: Clear. Concise. Positive. In the Present.

Use your intention whenever you find yourself in reaction. Repeat it when you first wake up, take a shower, exercise, go to bed. Post it on your dashboard, computer, mirror.

In Yoga Nidra, a healing and relaxing sleep-based guided meditation technique, we consciously plant our intentions to go to work at the deepest levels of our being.

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