Sleep On It!

Sleep is a universal drive in most animals, and an active focus in neuroscience over the past decades. Many mechanisms involved in sleep regulation and the critical role sleep plays in cognition, immunity and overall health have been deciphered, while many remain to be uncovered. From an evolutionary point of […]

Cooking Tips for Quarantine and Beyond

While the novel pandemic has shaken up our lives, perhaps there is a silver lining. On a grander scale, our environment is getting a well-deserved break from the overwhelming amount of pollution. On a smaller scale, we’re cooking more from home. This is not to ignore the amount of stress […]

Welcome Eddie Enokian to Mattapoisett Wellness

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Poetry Any One?! Thursdays at 7pm

Join local poet, editor, and literary coach your Maria Giella for this 4-Week Workshop Series Are you a poet who’s looking to deepen your craft? Ever wanted to try your hand at poetry? Come explore and cultivate meaningful friendships while learning about free verse and different poetic styles. Bring a […]