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FOOT MASSAGE and FOOT REFLEXOLOGY? What’s the difference?

Article by Lori Howes, CRT, 200-RYT Gentle Soles Reflexology Every time I meet someone and they find out I’m a Reflexologist, their first question is usually, what’s that? And when they discover that I primarily work on the feet, they usually say, “Oh I love having my feet massaged”. And […]


As we move into the warm months to continue your self -care! Summer is a wonderful and care free time of year. We live in a beautiful area to enjoy everything the summer months have to offer. We are outside, moving our bodies and getting our vitamin D. We feel […]

Waking up in the New Year

Day 2 – Self-Care Challenge ———- Happy New Year everyone !! As I think about our self care challenge, I’m reminded of a challenge someone put to me at a conference a few months ago. I happened to be talking about a physical concern I had and he said: …”..When […]

Are You Listening?

Article by Lori Howes, CRT,200-RYT- Gentle Soles Reflexology “A Man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”-Mark Twain             As the Wellness Center Reflexologist, you might think I’d be writing something amazing about the specific healing effects of a reflexology session….and there are many. But today, as I sit here, the […]

Reflexology Questions and Answers

Hi Everyone, My name is Lori and I am the Reflexologist at Mattapoisett Wellness Center. Reflexology is not as familiar to people as some of our other healing modalities and I get asked a lot of questions about it. I can honestly tell you that the best way to learn […]