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New! Community drum Circle

Every living thing is in rhythm with the world around us. There is sound and vibration impacting every aspect of our being at all times. From the beat of our heart, and timing of our breath, to the entrainment of our brainwaves. All things are affected by this rhythm.    […]

Holiday Discounts with Justin Perreault

Article by Justin Perreault, ABT,CMT – Asian Bodywork and Alternative Therapies As the holidays approach we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Preparing for holiday meals, finding the perfect gift for a loved one, even putting together our Christmas cards can feel like a huge task […]

Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy

Article by Justin Perreault Vibroacoustic Therapy, a combination of music and low frequency sound vibration, has been used and refined for decades in the treatment and relief of various health and stress related ailments. Though music and sound have been used since ancient times for its healing properties, the scientific […]

What is Sound Healing?

Never been to a Sound Healing? They’ve become more and more popular as of late, and for good reason! People from all walks of life have been discovering the power of sound and music. This is nothing new, for people have used these amazing universal gifts to heal mind, body, […]