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FULL SYSTEM RESET- Transformational Breath

Full System Reset – A Transformational Breath

Date: Sunday, August 27th

10 – 11:30a


What is Integrated, Transformational Breathwork?

Transformational breathwork is a conscious connected breathing practice that helps you gain access to the subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and traumas, and helps to rewire the brain for positive change.


The guided journeys in this series are aimed at helping you tap into the highest versions of yourself. They begin with 15-20 minutes of activating, circular breathing aimed at initiating transient hypo frontality, “runner’s high”, “flow state” or “theta brain wave state”. You will initiate a somatic release and replace limiting beliefs, fears and how you think and feel from a high vibration. You will identify what’s out of your reach consciously and rewire neuropathways with new, positive thoughts & beliefs that better serve you. You are conscious and aware of what you process and therefore can take the experience (and its positive effects) forward with you in your daily life. Fast track transformation by shortening the time between knowing what you want to change and being able to embody your growth.


Maven Bloom’s Integrated, guided journeys incorporate group coaching, somatic release breathwork, energy healing and integration guidance after the experience. You will experience a loving, safe space for you to release and process difficult blocks. Process through stubborn blocks by aligning your mind body, and energy (spirituality) toward the same goal. Take the emergency break off your progress in all aspects of your “self” in one experience.

FULL SYSTEM RESET- Transformational Breath

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