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Date: Saturday, September 30th | 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Intuitive Painting Workshop
COST: $75… includes all materials, paints, canvases for the 2 hour workshop
Join Christine Cummings for a 2 hour Intuitive Painting Workshop where you are invited to pause for a moment to explore and awaken your creative spirit. Whether you have painted or not before , Christine highly encourages you to trust the process, allowing your brushes to dance.  Welcoming this opportunity to breathe, reset, and be present with paints will pleasantly surprise you! We were all born with a creative side, let it FLOW!


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About the Teacher

Christine Cummings

About myself…the years have gifted me many season, 33 years of marriage, child rearing (3 adults now!), love, grief, healing, understanding.  These years have taught me beautiful lessons, one being the healing through the arts. It has always been my desire to share this powerful journey with like minded people, to help guide, provide, and restore peace within. This has been true for 25 years at area nursing and rehabilitation centers (as well as one on one sessions). And now bringing forth workshops to reach more individuals. It is my sincere pleasure to  open hearts and minds; to restore them with joy, love and fuel for everyday living. That is how powerful creating is!