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Spotlighting: Our NEW Practitioner Eddie Enokian

Eddie is a Holistic Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. He is graduate of Spa Tech Institute School of Massage, Polarity, & Aesthetics in Plymouth, MA. Eddie is a licensed massage therapist as well as being trained in Polarity, which was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in the mid 20th century. […]

‘Leave’ Raking Back Pain behind with these 7 tips

Autumn brings colder weather, fall sports, and colorful foliage on the trees. The changing season also brings new chores and outdoor work, along with the potential for injuries while accomplishing these tasks. Leaf raking is one such task, with injuries ranging from strained back muscles to twisted knees. The following […]

Massaging Your Mental Health

Article by By: Angie Bras, BS, LMT Massage therapy is not necessarily the first option when considering mental health treatment, but its power to relax and release tension make it an effective tool for many people.  A recent study shows that massage therapy reduced anxiety and depression symptoms, similar to […]

Fascia and Massage Therapy

Article By: Angela Bras, BS, LMT Research has shown time and again that massage therapy can decrease our stress and anxiety.  However, what about that deep aching pain in muscle?  We know that myo-fascial (myo meaning muscle) pain is caused by a continuous stimulus such as pressure, repetitive moment and […]

“Hozho Naasha” To “Walk in Beauty”

Day 4 – Self Care Challenge   by Angela Bras, LMT The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself.  Self-love and care is at the very core of well-being.-Buddha 1/4th:  “Walking in Beauty”:  Native American Concepts: “hozho naasha” To “walk in beauty” means […]