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Wellness Tips that Support Mental Health 

Breathe –  No matter what the situation, mood, circumstance,  problem –  Breathe. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a deep breath or a long breath. Just breathe. Breath nourishes the body mind and soul. Gratitude – Feeling Grateful is sometimes very simple and other times, not so much. Depending on […]

Making Connection

Self Care Challenge – Day 21 by Jessica Cavaco, LMT BodyinBalancema.com   Making Connection As a massage therapy practitioner, I often enter this profession with a sincere desire to help others. I learn the skills of hands-on therapy with the intention of supporting others through touch.   My focus and […]

Nadi Shodhana – Alternate Nostril Breathing

Self Care Challenge- Day 9 by Jenn Risio The practice of Alternate Nostril Breathing.. (Nadi Shodhana) Nadi meaning “flow”, Shodhana “purification”. Just 3 minutes or more a day.. the benefits are felt in the Physical and subtle body! Give it a try🙏 Bring the right hand into Vishnu mudra by folding the […]

30 Day Self-Care Challenge

What if you had the tools, resources, skill sets and a growth mindset that would take you the distance? Starting January 1st – 31st.  The Team of Mattapoisett Wellness will share their, own personal experiences and stories. Everyday, we will circle up around a theme of self-care. We will talk […]

The Safe and Effective Practice of Pregnancy Massage

Written By: Angela Bras, BS, LMT Pregnancy is a wonderful time when your body works magic growing a brand new life inside you.  There are all sorts of reasons why women turn to massage during pregnancy.  Below are a few of the benefits of pregnancy massage: Improved sleep Less anxiety […]