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The Heart of Healing – Justin Perreault, ABT,CMT – Asian Bodywork and Alternative Therapies

Over the years I’ve had a number of people comment on my being a “Healer”. I’m always quick to let them know that though I’m a healer, I am no more so than anyone else. Noticing their puzzled look, I further explain that our ability to heal is a universal […]

Thawing Out with Dana Massi LMHC, LADAC

I was in the yard the other day. The other day when the sun felt like it could really warm the air for the first time this year. I stopped long enough to hear a song bird sing a song to Spring.  It kept my attention long enough to ponder… […]

Homeopathy with Kristina White & Alix Lopes – Homeopathic Consultants

Homeopathy is a form of holistic health care which looks at the whole individual not just the symptoms. It was developed in Germany over two hundred years ago by Samuel Hahnemann and continues today to be used worldwide to aid in acute and chronic complaints. The World Health Organization estimates […]

Reflexology with Lori Howes of Gentle Soles

Discover a sense of well-being for body, mind, and spirit. Through personal experience with  Yoga and Reflexology I have realized the benefits of stress reduction in achieving balance and health in body, mind and spirit. I continue to work toward this balance in my own life and  am passionate about […]

Why Go To Therapy? Insight from Pamela B. Lacerda, LICSW

How often have you heard someone say “I don’t need therapy, there’s nothing wrong with me!” I hear it often, so I’d like to introduce myself and hopefully answer the question “Why go to therapy?”… …Because we all need a hand sometimes; it’s part of being human. Reaching out to […]