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11 Ways to Wellness

Article by Jessica Cavaco Dagnello, LMT,CPT I always tell my clients that being healthy isn’t just about doing yoga or eating plants, viewing wellness,. Including stress relief, from a holistic perspective is super important. Following the below philosophies helps clients and me feel lighter and happier in the day-to-day. 1 Nourish […]

Nutrition & Your Child’s Brain Workshop April 14th, 2019

Care for Caregivers April 1st 12-1pm

Self Healing Reflexology tips : Common Cold

Well, it’s winter and as I lie on the couch post Super Bowl, basking in our team’s 6th ring, I feel a cold coming on. How can I head it off at the pass, as they say? I decided to practice what I preach and searched for some of the most useful […]

Give Reiki a try on yourself to deal with anxiety and an overactive mind! 

Reiki is an energy healing modality intended to help create balance and harmony in the body’s energy fields. By utilizing the secondary palm chakras, the practitioner is able to channel life force energy. This can be transferred to the areas in need with the simple movement of the hands. And the […]